Substitute Teacher

These are my qualifications to be a substitute teacher.

I have taken and passed all three sections of the California Basic Educational Skills Test™ (CBEST®) test.

I have applied for the 30 Day Emergency Substitute Teacher credential from the state of California.

I have been approved by the Monterey County Department of Education for Substitute teaching.

I have an extensive and diverse knowledge base as illustrated by my have ten college degrees, one Bachelor’s and nine Associates.

Those degrees only reflect those topics I’ve pushed to degree. I know many more things about many more topics.

I have been a tutor over the years in many topics from math to english to engineering and more. I’ve worked both one-on-one and with small groups. I’ve given many presentations in many classrooms and other situations over the years, so I am experienced in presenting before groups.

As to my ability to work with children, I often talked with my niece and nephew about all sorts of topics, including their homework. I helped my niece to set up her science fair project in high school, and she ended up winning first place.

As a youth and young adult, I was involved with the Boy Scouts of America, and I became an Eagle Scout. I frequently taught various scouting skills to younger scouts. As a young adult, I was an Assistant Scoutmaster and often was responsible for the conduct and safety of groups of teenage boys.



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